God can see Bangkok vs. I can see Bangkok

God can see Bangkok vs. I can see Bangkok

One response to “God can see Bangkok vs. I can see Bangkok”

  1. Uzi Uziiiii, you know that i absolutely love the complexity that surrounds very simple emotions in your work and if you don’t then now you do…it is as if the complex language that you work with leads to one thing which is as simple as a b c or even simpler but mostly overlooked and your images draw the viewer in without giving it all away and then a few seconds pass and then it starts to unfold.. In the god can see and uzi can see series the work is moving in an interesting direction and the images have me smiling, Its almost as if i want these orbs to be life size.. and who knows what scale that could be?:). So if you are building on this series then please have a show…. they are more than plain images they are an experience and the possibilities are limitless. love you and looking forward to what ever comes next.

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