Forgive me Love

‘The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn… is just to love and be loved in return…’ ~ Moulin Rouge.

What is Love? I often wonder. The elders described love as a many splendid things that would lift you up where you belong and all you need in life is true love. I stand here today before the great heavens and look for answers.

now and then i think of us together… of what amount of pity for me drove you to marry a mad man… with whom you had very little in common… of whom everyone in your family warned you about… i … youre gonna point it around yet again and turn this one on me… i married you because i was blinded by love and on severe amounts of medication, something I’ve told you before…  I spent my life being in the dark halfway … i could have spent the rest in solace aswell… become a priest of some sort in Tibet or somewhere remote… Why play with a word as sacred as love and only misuse it…

Thegreatestlovestorynevertold_by_uecho (1)

I once let go of a love of mine. HEeR and I shared the greatest love story never told. 

“Told myself that you were right for me… but felt so lonely in your company… but that was love and its an ache i still remember…” “Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…  ” I must admit. In hindsight… your timing has been immaculate. I once doubted the most sacred form natural force from ‘The Source’ itself; ‘LOVE’ and she continues to avenge our story by repeatedly shattering the glitter bubble I like to refer to as my “Omniverse”.

One response to “Forgive me Love”

  1. When the love of the created leaves our heart, as it must, it makes room for the love of the Creator.

    An act, by those we love other than the Divine, is nothing but an act of the Divine through them. We are shown the fickleness of human love and, through this experience, taught to love, the One & Only.

    His unbounded Love has, thankfully, provided us with ‘imperfect’ companions, who we fall in love with, fall out of love with, and then eventually, out of His mercy, fall in love with again. But this time around, not for their sake, but for the sake of the Divine.

    We can think we’re marrying for love, or simply because we like the other person, or for whatever reason our intellect can come up with, but in reality, it is The Divine Will being carried out.

    Jaan, we are all on our separate, yet overlapping, journey to the abode of Divine love. Keep in mind that the one who busts a bubble, has just brought your understanding one-step closer to Reality and deserve a ‘Thank you’ which, at this point in time, will make them scratch their head in wonder – you can blame it on the meds :-))

    “Like” you more than you can ever imagine 🙂

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