All is full of Love

Self Portrait

Where were you the day the stars collided? Caught in the corridors somewhere between the two hemispheres of my mind… Are You inside my brain or am I inside Yours? One of the most beautiful things You have designed is synchronicity. The absolute pleasure of seeing the stars align and pointing in the same direction as my senses… What has come to be labeled as a madness; I label now as signs of a spiritual awakening… There is a fine line after all between schizophrenia and spirituality; a line that likes to be blurred. “Koee tu ho batanay wala, Mujh ko samajhnay aur samjhanay wala… Kub tak chalay gee teri yaad? Ab Khuda, Khuda aur sirf Khud aa…” ~ M. Uzair Akram

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