The Only way Up is Down ~ an exhibition of works by Mohammad Uzair Akram

The Only way Up is Down by Mohammad Uzair Akram

The title piece of the show; ‘The Only way Up is Down’. Contrary to popular belief, this image has NOT been Photoshopped. Sure, the text on the wall [which reads ‘the only way up is down’]has been digitally added, and artistic liberty has been used to create the dramatic mood of the photograph, but this speaker lying in the middle of these two gateways with up and down arrows engraved on them was a sight I came across whilst randomly pitstopping in the middle of a desert on my way to Gawadar, Pakistan.

The two identical gateways are symbolic of not only the bipolar extremes of the universe we inhabit but also of choices that the human consciousness has been encountering before the marked beginning of time and infinium…All you could hear was the blowing of the dry desert winds, the microscopic shifting of the sands of time beneath your feet and the silent story that this solitary speaker was playing …

It’s a digital print, printed on pure cotton canvas using archival inks that give it a lifetime of approximately a hundred years. Limited edition of 5 prints available at PKRS 25,000 each.

For further information about the show please visit the event page on facebook:

To stalk the artist virtually, please visit:

For further information regarding the exhibition venue; The Warehouse Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, please visit:

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