Disconnected dimensia and thoughts on Love

From a conversation that seemed to surpass all boundaries of logic and sense between
my wife; Kanwal and myself:
Me: “Do you know what you and Pakistan have in common?”
Kanwal: [giving me the questioning look that only she does which translates to ‘Oh dear God… Here we go again!] … “What do we have in common?”
Me: “You both give me a sense of identity and pride and I love you both…!”

Ten minutes later…

Me: “In an attempt to join disconnected dots in life jaan, I’ve got another analogy for you…”
Kanwal: “Lets hear it…”
Me: “… and do you know what your heart and Abdullah Shah Ghazi*’s Mazaar (mausoleum) have in common?”
Kanwal: [trying her best NOT to facepalm herself] “What?”
Me: “They’re both places where abstract notions of love and devotion are found…”
~ End of Conversation ~

Half an hour later I gave Kanwal two photographic pendants designed by Khaula Jamil from her ‘Karachi’ collection that I had yesterday conspired with her friends to preview and purchase before the show; one showcased a cropped Urdu wall chalking of the word ‘Pakistan’ and the other had an image of the saints mausoleum… In that moment of love and blood rushing to her head, I could see life and the events and discussions over the last twentyfour hours enter a clearer light of perspective…


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