Moments of Madness; the I of the storm…

there comes a time, usually after a storm like a hurricane, when you look around you and realize that there exists damage around you… objects lost, people hurt, emotionally stirred, mentally scarred… and its not a nice feeling to realize that you are the storm… the whirlwind of bipolar maniac emotions that not just once but took a toll on peoples lives twice in two months gone by. “its like you get possessed” commented one… “you’re pure evil energy…” shrouded another… “you’re the anti-thesis of a best  friend…” yet another… some people laughed it off, some cried, most remained silent; listening intently as I attempted to gather the fragments of my lost mind and continuously try to make sense of the madness better known to the world as Mohammad Uzair Akram and tHIS condition…

In yet another attempt to reconcile forgotten fragments and salvage torn letters with scotch tape; I gave an old wizard a hug; apologized to a mentor and friend; called my brother and told him I actually loved him and looked forward to his return and lastly met up with a close friend for coffee who I had publicly annihilated from my reality scape for the past few months…

Ladies and gentlemen; my name is Mohammad Uzair Akram. And I AM invisibly ill. I have a condition known as being bipolar with six monthly cyclical episodes of Mania… Its not easy being Me; but its tougher to be my family and friends… I salute each and every last one of you for putting up with the madness and sadness and being in a place where the men have not stopped praying; the women haven’t stopped believing and children still wait for tomorrow…  

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