1. I think mankind takes its search for immortality far too seriously.
  2. The problem of death or our impermanence in the 3rd dimension is not the problem.
  3. The problem is our perception of the problem.
  4. There are at least 27 dimensions of thought that can possibly distract an individual in any given moment.
  5. Let’s play a non-linear dot to dot across the night sky.
  6. Let’s connect the stars across any straight line through the revelations.
  7. Let’s not forget to not shoot the messenger(s).
  8. Let’s search for Truth for instance.
  9. For Truth, may be what hides the face of God behind a coded firewall of the absence of numbers, letters, and markings.
  10. Throughout time, mere mortal men have slain the Truth when it speaks.
  11. So let’s assume, for argument sake, that the Truth has died and its blood is on our hands.
  12. We love to love the notion of Love and cage it.
  13. So we caged all the animals on the planet, put them in zoos, and killed the rest to points of ever-expanding extinction.
  14. Love is our caged bird with scars instead of wings that we love to possess.
  15. We have slain freedom.
  16. Our greed for Beauty is in direct conflict with the invisible laws that govern the natural world.
  17. We are gang-raping the environment with the daily lifestyle choices we make for convenience sake.
  18. We are brainless giants leaving permanent carbon footprints over our children’s future lives.
  19. Mankind, it seems, enjoys destroying all forms of life surrounding it.
  20. We prefer and promote Lies, Ugliness, Slavery, Hate and War whilst we mock about pretending to be ambassadors of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love fighting over pieces of Peace.
  21. Peace that we continue to fight for in a battle either over the real face of God or over natural resources that ought to be free for everyone on the planet to begin with.
  22. So in the absence of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love and Peace, we are shuffling around in meaningless mud sacks that in the flashing of a momentary life often amount to nothing over time, thanks to the lack of time that our modern rat-raced lives have come to represent.
  23. We feel pride in lusting after our gluttonous greed fueled by envy.
  24. We let sloth stand in the way of any real progress and blame the letters G, O and D for matters of Divine Wrath.
  25. We, rather successfully, continue to fail as a species, determined to make ourselves extinct.
  26. We, you and I, need to stop; we need to awaken.
  27. Change starts from within and I need to make it happen.

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