It all happened so long ago
I think about it a lot
Everything in this forever now
Specially high on pot
The visions and the voices
The war within that I won
To feel the glow and just not know
How, why and what it was that I’ve become

The truth was all I was
Screaming in delight
Wasn’t really an invitation
For you to turn and fight
And then it went away
The feelings disappeared
You were someone else
And I was still right here

Believe me then, that I now say
I wish it wasn’t. There’s no other way
Your way go you
My way shall I
My truth stranger than fiction
Maybe it’s all a lie
Like mere mortal love
That’ll scar me till I die.

It is, I choose, not to run and hide
To face the facts and finally decide
What I want in my life to remain
To flush the rest down the drain
To keep myself, by myself, for myself
For a better reason than the rest I have
To be the one who wants it all
I won’t regret what I don’t recall

Forget the whispers
Forgive my broken heart
Black to square nONE
Time for a fresh start
I won’t run away and leave it all
If only my tears won’t stream
To be a random nobody
In no one else’s dream.

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