Pump him up with meds once more
This one’s getting out of hand
He calls himself the King again
Making castles in the sand
So the shot I took against my will
Just to have you here, my companion still
The kids, they say, need both parents
Despite their cracks, ever so apparent

I wished to scream “its over”
I would have yelled in pain
Before the medication seduced
Every inch of my brain
Now numb like a vegetable
Struggling to tell my tale
Of broken hearts and promises
I breathe again and exhale

The signs and every arrow
My hopes and all my sorrow
Yesterday and tomorrow
Forget about today
She breaks me down just to build me up
To me it’s now a game
Pointless just to point out that
I am the one to blame

It’s only your imagination she said
A bit unreal, but all in your head
Just look at how far we’ve come
It doesn’t matter what you’ve not become
All she wanted was that I stay stable
No depression nor mania, just generally unable
To speak my truth and live my life
To surrender my passion and forget my strive

Do they need to watch me struggle
Will they standby as I sink
To lower lows than ones before
My madness on the brink
Won’t I run away again
Waiting in the lost and found
Getting high on this blood red pain
Till I’m six feet underground

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