3YE Am Jack’s continuous narrative

You would’ve thought the storms over
That it was really all very good
That I’d just take what is and be happier
Yeah you really misunderstood

The truth that I have been all along
Whispering in delight
Out of my mind for sure
Forever out of sight

She’s here to claim what once was
This kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of Oz
Remember the bells, the sound they make
It’s all or nothing for me to take

Peace and love forever
For as long as it may take
To be myself and mine together
And the new memories I shall make

In the name of love, forever, one day I shall die
Maybe you can see one day how it was all just a lie
This tale too old of mortal love
That has cast me far aside

To be the one
It’s just a game
Love me or leave me
It’s all the same

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