The Sketches

The Black Sketchbook


Dedicated to the memory of my mind

Untitled nONE

The end of times

I am nONE

One vs none

Woh Aiay Ga


Shikwa vs Jawab e Shikwa

Let me see said He

The day the stars colllided...

They used to fly...

Slice my Life...

Let me Die...

Again and again

Alone in the Universe

Eye vs Me

Episode None





Woh aa rahay hain

The Kingdom of Oz

The only way up is down

They just left me behind

Teenage Wasteland

The sunset

Staring at the Sun

Episode Three: Procrastinated Combustion

Episode Two

Episode One

and I wait...

Torn from my memory...


The greatest love story never told

You are the One

Woh Aa Gae Hain

An ode to the dreams

Return to Me...

Mohammad Uzair Akram

Words and Ideas can Change the World

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